I Am A Middle Child After All

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I have been the victim numerous times in my life. I am a middle child after all. Having four siblings can suck sometimes. My oldest sibling is Tori she 's is the queen of the pain in my hind quarters. My older brother A.J (Troy) is the prince and Kenny (Kennedy) my little sister is just a pain in my butt always will be. My older brother is the boy who shattered my elbow. I never really forgave him.He was the one who said “Bet you can’t get up there”. He loves to tease me and beat me up.I used to always get bruises from him. He stopped when he turned 13. Tori just always overreacted to a lot of things. I was always in trouble under her watch. We used to talk about her behind her back. A.J and I would say “She is such a drama…show more content…
But here is the story of when I was an ally to my older brother. My older brother has always had anger problems, but it has since died down. My older brother never liked my step dad neither did my older sister Tori.Heck, he 's the reason they moved out. He mistreated us but only with words and sometimes throwing things. He threw a phone at my head and called me an idiot. Locked us out side and threw frozen burritos at us and said that was our dinner.Threw numerous things at my mother. He would treat us like dirt But, what made us really mad is when he would take his anger out on mom. He would push her sometimes and call her horrible names and then say how she was a bad mom because we step kids were very disrespectful. Mom would fight back and push him and call him names and told him to leave the kids out of it. But what made my brother blow his top was seeing him throw the tiger toy for our little sister who was a baby at the time. The reason has long since been forgotten; they fought over everything after all. It was probably on of the kids forgot their chores and he over reacted as usual.He had a very explosive temper and took it out on mom and us. All three of us walked out of the hall that we hide in to listen. Mom asked why we were out of bed. He shouted, “Get back in your room.”My brother told him “Leave now” he looked like a crazy animal.His pupils were small and his eyebrows furrowed his eyebrows. He shook
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