I Am A Minority Latina Woman

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The Presidential election has one common question we all ask, at one time or another, why vote? I’m a minority Latina woman currently in college searching for answers. The great philosopher Galilei once said “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” – Galileo Galilei (1632). The first steps I took, to find the answer to this question and many more were: I started reading on both parties running for president, I watched presidential debates, listened to media reports looking for the answers to my questions. Donald J. Trump and Hilary Clinton, Should I believe what is being said about these two political parties? What qualifies them to be our next president, why should I vote for either one of them, what plans do they have while running our country? Where do they stand regarding the economy, health care, education? Position on current laws affecting us currently, or in the future? What would be the consequences, if either one became president? These are the answers and facts, I found through my research. Brief backgrounds on both candidates: Hillary Clinton was born October 26, 1947 in the city of Chicago, IL. Religion is Methodist, married to former president Bill Clinton, Mother of one daughter Chelsea Clinton. Affiliation Democratic Party, experience former Secretary of State sworn in January 21, 2009-2013. She was an assistant Professor in the University of Arkansas; Law School 1975. Attorney at Rose Law Firm 1976-1992,
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