Hillary Clinton : A Member Of The National Honor Society

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Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1947 October 26. Hillary attended Eugene Field Elementary School, Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle School, and Wellesley College. At Wellesley College Hillary participated are became a member of the National Honor Society. When she attended Yale Law School in 1969-1973, she became the Senior Class president. Not only that, but she also participated in the Yale Review of Law and Social Action where she graduated with honors. Hillary was a very active member in her years at Yale, her experience of the study in children’s development and medicine was from when she volunteered at the Yale Child Study Center, where she received one post-graduate year. Hillary worked various jobs, one of the many was when she would babysit children of migrant Mexicans who would travel for their work. When she tried applying to NASA they did not accept her because she was a girl and girls were prevented from attending programs that had any involvement with astronauts. The reason why Hillary became so interested in public service was due to the speech in Chicago by Martin Luther King, his speech inspired her to focus of public service and help people. Hillary was very active during her college years, she was involved in many things that involved public service. She worked every summer as a college student, one of her jobs was in a canning factory in Alaska in 1969. Not only did Hillary have to work and attend school the same time, she understands the
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