I Am A New Writer

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The ten-week journey is finally closed to the end. I usually can’t feel my progress during my study, but when I took out and looked at my papers in last quarter today, I can feel a big difference between by previous papers and what I am writing today.
Am I a new writer? I always think that I am not. My writing started from the first time I write an English sentence in primary school, rather than started after struggling with high school and SAT essays. In my high school writings, my habitual idea is to write a five-paragraph-essay, and to take my most attention to word count and grammar issues. Frankly, I am sick of this model of writing, but after I take a step beyond it, I faced completely new challenges. It is not about writing sentence
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Maybe I only focused on the question given to me. But a more essence problem for low efficiency getting help from reader’s response is: I didn’t feel any difference between those poems. I could clearly see these difference in forms, just like finding out physics formulas, but finding how writers control their word and sound was even harder than finding formulas. Sometimes I seemed to find out the answer, but the feedback given back to me was never positive. Even though the reading materials did not work the maximum effect for me, I utilized them as much as I could understand. I imitated some of those elements in my papers and exercises.
The writing exercises have a similar effect to reading responses. I enjoyed these exercises. One of them is description exercise, I picked my computer as my object, and showed the importance of my computer. The comment was, I was too general and I was not descriptive so much. Sometimes the comments were not pleasing, but surely, I started to reflect over my writings, and try to do them the next time. Missed the concept of analysis? I started to try to analyze quoted sentences in my drafts. Not enough specific description? I wrote a very specific detail of an athlete’s movement in an early draft in my final essay.
Literally, my major writing of this class started from the imitation of “The Waste Land”. I have never been written or imitated
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