I Am A Professional Critical Thinker

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There are many choices that are made in order to make a good decision. Decisions are made up everyday lives and depending on what decision is made can lead to a positive, negative or neutral outcome. There are low consequence and high consequences varying with the degree of decision that is being made. I have personally made a tough decision for myself recently, which has had a positive influence on my life. I have recently decided to go back to school to get my masters degree even though there have been many barriers standing in my way. While I am not a professional critical thinker, I believe that I do have skills when it comes to critically thinking and making an informed decision. The webpage Skills You Need suggests that, the skills that we need in order to be able to think critically are varied and include observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem solving, and decision-making. There are also many outside factors in the decision maker’s viewpoint, which has a lot of effect on the outcome of a decision. Decision fitness can assist the decision maker to filter through options and deciding factors when coming to a whole-hearted decision. As Mooz stated, a good decision is applying informed judgment based on relevant facts (the head factor) and quality ethics (the heart factor) to select an alternative and to act on it. (Mooz 16-17) According to Discover Business, there are 5 steps of the critical thinking process:
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