I Am A True Believer That Commonwealth Is The Best Option For My Homeland, Puerto Rico

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I am a true believer that Commonwealth is the most perfect option for my homeland, Puerto Rico. There has been an ongoing debate on the political status of Puerto Rico for years on whether it should be a state or become independent, but I think it should be put to an end now because I am going to prove to you the reason why it is best for our island to be a commonwealth. No matter what anyone says I know that for my own island, we wouldn’t survive as a state or as an independent nation, therefore commonwealth is the best option for us. Since July 1952, Puerto Rico has been a commonwealth of the U.S, which means that we are colonized under the United States but are still able to be self-governing. Commonwealth is …show more content…

I think this is the most important aspect of being a commonwealth because I don’t have to sacrifice my religion, culture, or language which is something very important to us, Puerto Ricans. Due to the Jones Act of 1917, we were granted a U.S citizenship, allowing us to travel back and forth between the U.S and Puerto Rico (Perez y Gonzalez 2011: 1843). This is very important to me and my family, otherwise my family living in the United States would not be able to come and see us all the time and vice versa! Therefore, I would never want to lose this benefit that the U.S has given us. The New Progressive Party consists of those who want Puerto Rico to become a state. This is such a bad option for an island like Puerto Rico because if we were to become a part of the United States, English would have to be our primary language and why would I want to sacrifice my language just to become a state? English is taught in Puerto Rican schools, but it is a foreign language to them. Less than 20% of Puerto Ricans can speak English fluently, which would make integration into United States culture very difficult. Not only does it affect language, but it also affects our Puerto Rican culture. I have no doubt that becoming a state would cause a culture loss because of the assimilation that will happen. One example of cultural integration would probably be that the Spanish language would

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