I Am About Last Night

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I wake up just enough to roll over. As I do so, the annoying, repetitive sound of my alarm clock fills my ears. I groan and roll myself out of bed. I trudge over to my dresser and turn the alarm off. I don 't feel like going to school today, especially since I know that Dad will be calling Mom while I 'm gone.

As I walk to the bathroom, I grab my phone from my desk. I see that I have two new messages and one new email. I read the first message, which is from my mom, telling me that she 'd be gone this morning. I open the second message, and of course, it 's from Damon.

Text to Karrison from Damon:
"Good morning, beautiful. I hope you have an amazing day! I 'm still very sorry about last night. I know I must have disappointed you, and I feel awful. I promise that I 'll make it up to you!"
Well, I don 't know how he would expect that he disappointed me. I 'm great at hiding my emotions! I wonder how he 's going to try to make it up to me.

I walk over to the mirror and almost shriek at my appearance. My eyes are crusty, and my long, brown hair is sticking out in all directions. I was painfully reminded of Einstein. I look down at my sink and groan. I look like an Einstein raccoon! I forgot to clean my makeup off before I went to sleep. Looks like I have a bunch of work to do before I leave for school.

With excitement, I realize it 's Friday and almost jump up and down. Face and hair or outfit first? I should try to do something with my hair first. I wash my face and dry
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