I Am An International Student From South Korea

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I am an international student from South Korea. As a first-year international student, English language and American culture are my weakness in my academic life. Especially, I had a lack of American culture such as manner. I took the ENG 194 class to improve my academic writing skill for my future writing works and know the American culture. Moreover, in this class, I wanted to know that something practical knowledges about how to apply for a job in the United States of America. Because one of my goal is getting a job in the United States. During this class, I learned that what is the "good English academic writing" as my second language writing by learning how to write a thesis, using template, organizing academic writing. At first, we learned about the email etiquettes. It was a really valuable lesson for me. Because, during this project, I realized that I was so rude when I sent the email before taking this class. I did not know anything about the American manner. Even I did not care about this manner before taking this class. I think this project was a most practical project for me, because I have to use email many times to contact with professor or other important people. (I do not know it is just my feeling or not. But, after beginning to use this format, I feel emails from professors became more kind and detailed.) And I am actually using the manner and the format that I learned in class every day. Now I can say this project made my academic life totally different. I
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