I Am Classified As An Enfj Personality

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I am classified as an ENFJ personality. This personality type is characterized as a charismatic, strong, authoritative, passionate person that often draws people to them, creating a natural teacher and leader. We find ourselves at ease in groups, and able to articulate our thoughts and emotions eloquently to just about anyone. We are also able to intuit what others are thinking and feeling through their actions in combination with their words, which can give us insight into their motivations. This allows us to naturally pull people together into a group, then find and set the common goal. Specifically, the ENFJ personality is broken down into four areas. The first and most dominant part is extraverted feeling. This is most easily described as warm-hearted extroverts. The second area is introverted intuition. This quality gives us a clear perception of our inner, unconscious psyche. It also gives us the ability to see the best in anyone, no matter the circumstance. The third area is extraverted sensing. Through this quality we are able to implement a plan or vision for a group or ourselves. But, while we manage the data to implement this plan, we also are able to maintain flexibility in the management and use of the data as well as the execution of the plan. Lastly there is introverted thinking, most easily described as the ability to “soul-search.” This is the quietest part of our personality, and rarely used, but is highly developed and can be powerful tool for us

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