Personal Assessment Survey : My Four Letter Codes

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After finalizing my personal assessment survey, my four-letter code came to be ENFJ. According to the handout, ENFJ is associated with teacher type personality. The teacher tends to be sociable, sympathetic and handle situations with others feeling in mind. They also are great organizers and tuned into the needs of others. A treat that goes hand in hand with the teacher is the idealists. The idealists are described as humane, intuitive and insightful. What I got from reading The Four Personality Temperaments ~ David Keirsey’s work, the idealist wants to live… well the ideal lifestyle. They are proud of their accomplishments and hunger for a deeper meaning in life all while having a self-confidence that allows them to achieve their goal in life. Since idealists strive to have a deeper meaning in life, they want others to find it as well. They aim to teach their loved ones to stick with their morals and stick true to who they are. I’d like to think that I acquire these traits, however I know that I fall short in certain areas. For example, I am not much of a leader; big crowds scare me, and my self-confidence could use some work. Like Hannah Montana said, “Nobody’s perfect.”

There are many positives traits that come with being an ENFJ, but with positives there comes negatives. According to, ENFJ’s have potential problems when thinking about the present. Many ENFJ’s enjoy looking ahead to the future, but they aren’t so much in the here and now. They

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