I Am Crazy, By William Faulkner

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“Interesting, I need you to listen to the message and tell us everything you may know,” said Calvin. Jack nodded looking carefully at the screen as it began. “Jack, its Philip,” it started. Jack had a hard time remembering his friend the way he appeared on the video. He had always tried to remember the cheerful, relaxed version of his friend. Jack recognized the Philip on the video as the friend who would soon meet his demise. Philip was not well in the video. He sported a sinking stature, dark eyes, and a subtle pinkness above his lips, lingering from a recent bloody nose. “I keep seeing things. Things I can’t explain. Things I can feel. All the experts say I’m going crazy,” laughed Philip sadly. Tears began to fill his eyes, “Maybe I am crazy, but it’s important that I get this information out there. I have little time among the living and I have been unable to solve a problem. It haunts me every day. Experts here have tried everything to block it from my mind, but it never falters. And…I see other things along with it. Jack, I know I will not escape this place alive, but I know you will. I have seen it. You will finally see those mountains you dream of, but first I need you to solve this problem for me. I know it is important, but I cannot yet understand why. I only know that she is in trouble and she is important. Why? I am not sure, but she must be saved. I know you can save her if you follow the right path, and perhaps, along the way prevent other atrocities. I have

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