I Am Deeply Concern With Our Children

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I am deeply concern with certain demonstrations of misconduct that I have observed on my children (Especially on Frank Jr.) from quite some time now. I have observe my children beat each other in a violent way, hitting back adults when they are reprimanded for wrong doing, and desperately crying and hitting doors when they are put in timeout. In the past I received oral reports from some of your employees that the kids were hitting other kids and they were put in timeout for this kind of behavior. Coincidentally, once I try to contact the mother to work together in implementing a discipline plan to prevent this kind of attitude, the reports of misbehavior from your employees disappeared. Moreover, the mother have always avoid responsibility and she has played a game of blaming me back by saying things like: “The kids are in perfect psychological condition, they are very happy and they act accordingly to their age and gender ,ask them at the daycare, they will tell you, and you insist to say they have a behaving problem , which they don 't , If they are not acting right when they are with you, look yourself in the mirror and see what you are doing wrong and fix it.”
I have tried in multiple occasions to have an honest conversation with the mother to try to work together in resolving this misbehavior but she insist that the daycare say this kind of attitude is normal. For the last few months Frank and Henry have been coming home telling me how they were put on timeout for

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