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Explanation on safeguarding covering K3S249,K3S250,K3S251,K3S252,K3S253,K3S253,K3D254,K3M333
When dealing with suspected or actual abuse it is important that we don’t make premature judgments and try to deal with the situation without having all information and evidence required. Just because (for example) a child comes into school regularly with cuts and bruises, this does not mean that they are being abuse. Observations can play a key role into getting actual evidence. By making premature judgments and proceeding to accuse parents/carers of abusing a child can cause a lot of unnecessary upset to both parent and child and make your workplace look inadequate.
I think it is important to comply with your settings policies and procedures
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If a child makes a disclosure I will listen to them, I will let them have their say uninterrupted as not to put words into their mouths, I will take notes of actual words, times and dates where possible/necessary. I will use appropriate facial expressions (not frowning or cross) make eye contact and be at their level. I will not make promises, not to tell anyone else or keep secrets and I will explain that it’s not their fault, their not to blame and that they are not bad. I will value and respect them and try my best to keep them comforted.
At my Pre-school any complaint made against a member of staff, either by parents or another member of staff concerning inappropriate behaviour toward a child will be taken seriously with immediate suspension of that member of staff. Ofsted and our borough’s Local Safeguarding Children’s Board will be imformed and any future action will be under their guidance.
All staff members are CRB checked and any one visiting the Pre-School will not be left alone with the children unless they have a CRB check also providing us with the proof and we know this person.
We seek and supply training at regular basis to ensure we are up to date on safeguarding the children in our care.
All staff members have read and agreed with our child protection policy and any students or voluntary workers are asked to read them so they also are aware of what to do in case they suspect a child is being abuse or if a child makes a disclosure to them.

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