A Daycare Center : Teacher- Child Interactions

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A Daycare Center Dilemma: Teacher- Child Interactions
Jessica Burdick
ENG 122 Comp II
Instructor Robert Norman
September 22, 2014

While there are some caregiver’s that are only in the human service field to earn a paycheck and with the lack of parental involvement in their child’s life, it can make a caregiver’s job more challenging. Daycare centers serve as a stepping stone for a child’s future that will teach them how to establish appropriate skills and aid in the development of their cognitive abilities. Positive child interactions not only aid in the development of social and cognitive development, but also in the child’s self-esteem and it lets them know they are important and loved. While there are “people” around the world working in childcare centers that serve as poor role models whom are only there for the paycheck, there are amazing human service workers that serve as teachers that have a significant impact as a role model to provide appropriate skills needed for social and cognitive development to last a lifetime. In an article from the Early Childhood Education Journal (2013) the author states that “Quality teacher-child interactions in early childhood classrooms have repeatedly been paired with positive, emotional, behavioral and cognitive outcomes for children” (Thomason & La Paro, 2013). Indeed, a caregiver whom has a sincere, warm, and understanding heart will be more effective in teaching and will have more of an impact on how and what
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