I Am Fighter For Equality

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A war rages in every home and in every workplace. This war has been fought for many years. This war needs fighters, it needs you. This war is gender equality. I am fighter for equality, not the advantage of just one gender. I am not afraid of the opinions that will clash with what I fight for. My determination will never waver, just because someone tells me to “make them a sandwich” or “a woman is meant to be a pretty little housewife”; I do not plan on being a housewife and they can make their own sandwiches. A person should not be judged based on their gender, but by the quality of their character. Women should not have the advantage, nor should men. Equality is the quality or state of being equal (‘Equality”). To have equality, one gender should not hold superior role. To properly fight this war, of inequality, we will need to understand the dilemma, the origin of the problem, the consequences, and what our fighters can do to make a difference. Gender inequality has many problems, but one of them is discrimination in the workplace. In an article from “Women in the Workforce”, a segment struck a chord with me, “Women can not achieve gender equality in the workforce because the ideal worker works full time for 40 years. While women are expected to get pregnant and take care of family, which means they have to take time off.” If these responsibilities were not forced upon women then, we could achieve more equality. Due to this biased thinking, there is horizontal…

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