I Am The Only Child Of My Mother

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I was born May 17, 1996 in Houston Texas. I am the only child of my mother but I am the second youngest of 6 to my father. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother whom we all share a dad and a step brother from my stepfather, whom my mother married when I was young, but later passed away of kidney failures. He was the dad I grew up with and never knew as a stepfather. Losing him was just as hard as it would’ve been if he was my biological father. Throughout elementary I changed to three different schools, the first being down the street from my home, the second being a few blocks to be known as a better education system and the third to be in Crosby TX, where I moved with my grandmother, 2 uncles and aunt in the 3rd grade-5th grade. My uncles and Aunt where closer to my age being 4, 6, and 7 years older than I am, so they were more like my siblings or cousins to me. My grandmother has a Frenchman/creole background; she has the purest blue eyes, long hair and soft brown skin. Growing up a few travels to Louisiana and eating spicy food was a must. In 4/5th grade I met a girl who I never thought would be my best friend for over 10 years. The following year I moved back to Houston to attend middle school with my hometown friends who I also missed and befriended a girl who I had trouble with in elementary who became my BFF with my other BFF and became the 3 amigos. In middle school I started to have trouble in math which caused me to stay after school and study extra hard, I was not

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