I Choose Maus by Art Spiegleman

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I chose Maus by Art Spiegleman. To be honest, I learned about the book from a television show, Comic Book Men. They were talking about a graphic novel that won the Pulitzer. That peaked my interest, so I decided to research the topic of the book. When I discovered that it was an autobiography about a complex relationship between a father and son, I firmly wanted to read it. The son learning of his father’s story of the holocaust was his way of to understand himself and his heritage and the journey is fascinating. When this assignment for generalist practice two came up, I jumped at the opportunity.
Maus is a graphic novel. A graphic novel is predominantly told with pictures over words. This novel in particular relies on a strong and realistic artwork to tell its story along with the imagery of mice. The novel was released in two parts, the book format is the two parts put together. It is divided into five chapters, and has 296 pages. The first part was published in 1973 and was completed with the second portion in 1991 to create the final complete book. This was clearly a labor of love and a tribute to his father.
There are a multitude of issues in Maus. Loss of loved ones, couple’s troubles, competition of dead loved ones, are just to name a few. This treatment will be focused on repairing the father and son relationship. Strained since childhood, their relationship has gotten progressively worse since the death of Art’s mother. Art struggles to understand his father on
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