I Do Not Recall My Parents Ever Reading

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I do not recall my parents ever reading to me while growing up. Reading has not been important for my family, so it was not important to me. I remember learning how to read in elementary school mainly, just because my teacher taught me how to read and write. Although I liked school, I did not like to read, because it was not something I was used to doing. Neither of my parents finished elementary school, so they do not know how to read and barely knew to write. Factors such as being an English Language Learner, moving to a new school, and having trouble with reading has affected, and shaped, me into the reader I am today.
Just like Richard Rodriguez in “Scholarship Boy,” I moved to a new school in the middle of fourth grade without knowing hardly any English. I remember how frustrating it was not being able to understand what the teacher was saying in class. In addition, in my house there was no one that I was able to ask for help when I did not understand my homework. Just like in Richard Rodriguez’s situation, my parents were not able to help me because they did not understand the work. My only solution was to stay every day in an after school-program, and instead of playing in the playground, I would stay inside to ask the teachers if they could help me with my homework. One of my favorite teachers from elementary school was Mrs. Carrillo. She would help me a lot because she explained what I could not understand, and she was very patient with me. She even bought some

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