I Felt A Funeral In My Brain Poem Essay

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In your poem “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain”, I felt your sadness when I read the poem. I knew it was already going to be a sad and depressing poem by the title, but I did not expect it to be this dark. It started to get more and more dark to me after the line “My mind was going numb-”(8). At that point I felt your sadness and how you were breaking down slowly every minute while being there. I know it must have been hard to write this poem and maybe that is why you ended it like you did. You seemed to just let it hang there and not finished it. The reason why might be because it was too hard for you to write about this moment and how you felt. It would have been the same way for me too. I always have trouble writing about something that …show more content…

Then it did happen. As soon as the words came out of my parents said it, I was shocked and could not accept it at the time. I felt like my brain was shutting down. So I knew what she felt when was saying she was dropping down. So this poem speaks a lot to me through experience because it changed my life forever. The only alien thing about the poem to me is the funeral part. I never lost anyone personal close because the family members that died, I only met them when I was a baby. So I never felt this way at a funeral before. All of my relatives that I know personally and am very close to are still alive. Though I hope I never have to go through this soon because I understand and know it will be very hard. I gain from this difference by knowing that it is always going to be hard to lose someone close to you. I already knew this, but this poem made it more clear to me of how much it is hard and that you have to strong and move on after a while when it happens. You can not give up and not keep falling and falling down. Now there are many elements of poems but the three that stand out to me from this poem is the structure, speaker, and imagery. Imagery is the big one that stood out for me in your poem because I could see you fall apart in the funeral and just fall into despair. I think when you say “And I dropped down and down- And hit a World” (18-19), you mean to fall into a world of depression. The imagery that you mostly used in the

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