I Had A Hard Time With Reading Comprehension

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Ever since elementary school, I never enjoyed English. I’ve always had a hard time with reading comprehension. I never knew what to write about when I was asked to write a paper. I grew to dislike English even more throughout the years. Once I got into high school, I thought I was going to actually like English. I also thought the teachers were going to be different than the teachers I had before. I was definitely wrong. I was extremely nervous about ninth-grade English once freshman year begun. I received my schedule and saw the name Carver on it. Having no idea where the class room was, I wandered around the halls for a few minutes. Finally, I found my English class. Mrs. Carver was standing outside the door waiting for her students. She must have been around five and a half feet tall. Mrs. Carver wore glasses, and she had brown hair. I was the first student in class. I noticed she had posters on every wall of the classroom. I sat down and I continued looking around the room. I looked to the right and saw a chalk board, she had work from her former students hanging up on it. After the first few days of class, I realized that this year English wouldn’t be so bad. She would give me one on one assistance when I needed it. Mrs. Carver would come sit next to me and she would ask me “How has your day been so far Brooke?” I always told her “My day hasn’t been good, and it hasn’t been bad.” I would ask her questions during class, and every time I got an answer that helped me. My
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