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Rosemary Rodriguez Professor Buchanan English 73x 30 January 2017 This is who I am

I have always had schooling on my minding since I was a little girl. I was born and raised in Porterville, which meant most of schooling from Kindergarten to College was done here. I have also attended Oxnard College for a few years. I still can remember my kindergarten teachers’ name but I don’t really remember major events. To be honest, I remember only remember most of my teachers who I connected with. I have had some good experiences as well as some bad ones. Both experiences I have also learned, however I needed to have a open learning ability to help me be succeed in school.

When I was in third graded my teacher Mrs. Ball had my entire class map to
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He told my entire class “to listen up because he had a prime example of the difference between dose and does”. He started with using my name, the whole classed looked me and then began to read my essay. He then read a sentence where I had used the word “dose” I immediately reallized my mistake. I felt all the air release from body and I wanted to pass out. Even though I had reread my essay I never caught the mistake. I do not know if it was my mind seeing the correct word when I read it or a form of dyslexia. As well as the computer never caught the mistake because technically it was not a misspelled word. Either way, on that day I learned the difference between “dose and does” and started my disliked English. Rebecca D. Cox author of The College Fear Factor, stated “The many students who seriously doubted their ability to succeed, however, were anxiously waiting for their shortcoming to be exposed, at which point they would be stopped from pursuing their goals” (25). In other words, we as students think that because we have failed once before we tend to stop reaching our goals. It was not until my adult life that I realized that being an example of mistakes that had been made can possibly save someone’s life or education. Even though I felt very embarrassed I still used a growth mindset in this learning situation. Can hard work really pay off? Carol S. Dweck, author of “Brainology Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn,” indicates “no one succeeds in a
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