I Have Always Been A Science Centered Girl

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I have always been a science-centered girl. Science and math, no matter how hard, always kept my attention and interest. The science of evolution has always aroused my mind, as the part of biology that sparks my interest most is genetics and the findings of Darwin. All throughout learning the basics up to my AP biology class, I believed evolution to be a fact. This is because it was taught as factual, and I saw no evidence against it. My teachers always seemed well informed and because they were the “all-knowers” of the field I loved, I idolized them and believed every word that they spoke. However, I have also always gone to church, my grandparents are all very religious people and believe most of what the bible has to offer. I have …show more content…

As soon as I found time, I got reading, exploring the arguments for and against evolution that Bill Nye, my childhood idol was seeing. As each chapter passed I grew more skeptical as to what was correct; I thought evolution was a factual science? I soon asked my mom what she believed about the controversy and got an answer that made perfect sense to me, but that I had never heard before. She said that she “sees the bible as a guide to life and how the earth was made, that evolution is a valid science, but God guided it and altered it as necessary.” This was when I knew that I wanted to explore the debate further, and the assignment of this paper, is the perfect opportunity. The largest controversy that I have found while exploring the issue of creation versus evolution is what should or should not be taught to children hearing about either side for the first time. On one hand, “Personal faith is the basic element in… mental health,” and creationists believe that teaching evolution, the scientific alternative, can interfere with their beliefs, thus producing a detrimental effect on mental health. (Howell 13). However, the sciences of genetics and inheritance have been backed up with evidence, tested heavily and shown as factual (______). In The Great Non-Problem of Evolution vs. Creationism, the author states that evolution is

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