I Have An Adequate Amount Of Maths Skills

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I believe I have an adequate amount of maths skills and understandings that will be expanded on and improved throughout the course of this unit, to assist in everyday life, and to be able to teach it to primary school aged children. I have learnt all the basics of maths and can retract most from my memory when I need to, which is evident in the Maths Competency Test (MCT) score. I have the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills which do help me with percentages, averages and general everyday maths. The highest level of maths I completed was Unit 3AB in year 12 in 2014, and so I feel as though I knew most of the content we had covered that was outlined in the Unit 3AB Mathematics (A.J. Sadler, 2008) book, which realistically was two levels higher than the Year 9/10 questions we were given.
My feelings and beliefs towards and about maths were certainly impacted by my experiences during my time at school. In my last year of schooling I did not enjoy my maths class, which overall came down to the teacher and her style of teaching, which made me look and feel negatively towards maths. In saying this though, throughout school I was always good at maths and enjoyed it. Hence my feelings towards primary school and ‘simple’ maths compared to high school maths. In saying this though, I do enjoy maths most of the time, but just with anything if it gets too hard and you aren’t being taught properly you start to not enjoy it which was the case with me. The…
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