I Have Found Myself Boarding The Line Of Depression

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so i have found myself boarding the line of depression. I am at the point where I come home angry. I dont enjoy my job anymore. I wish I could find my passion for it again. I am 26 with no degree. I have a husband that i love but i feel as if i am not good enough for him. we dont share common interest. he loves guns, politcal debates, working out, drinking, and he loves to learn new things. he has such a open mind to new things and sometimes, i find it intimidating. he is never shy or afraid to try new things. i wish i could have just a ounce of that. i am not a dull person but im not very exciting either. i fear change. i have a short temper. i doubt myself so much, im afraid of trying new things for fear at failing. i dont like looking, well feeling, stupid infront of other people. i dont think highly of myself. i may seem confident of the oustide, but when i hear a slight comment or something i find negtive about myself, i can feel my soul crack more. i find myself fighting back tears 90% of the day. i feel like i unable talk to my husband. i know he loves me but he lacks emotions to feel or understand something like that. i feel as if he would just kinda giggle at me for trying to explain the way i feel. mind you im not the best with words when it comes to stuff like that. i have always had to hide my depression because no one takes it serious. how do you explain things when you youself cant understand things. when it comes to trying to have converstations with

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