I Know The Typical Symptoms Of Schizophrenia, Such As Socially

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I know the typical symptoms of schizophrenia, such as socially isolated, no mood or out of control, the false sensors and beliefs, thinking and language problems. There is no single treatment working the best, the treatments usually involve antipsychotic medications and psychotherapy.
To take care of patient with schizophrenia, We first need consult with psychiatrist and clinical psychologist, they can give us the professional suggestions based on patient 's condition. In addition of the professional treatments mentioned above, the most important is the family care. We can tell the important role of the supports and love from family. Without the love and care from John 's wife, he probably could not get back to work. We will have to …show more content…

Genetics are the dominant cause, a person will be vulnerable of developing this disorder and have a greater risk if any of his family member with schizophrenia. But that doesn 't mean the person will have schizophrenia for sure. That will depend on the environmental stressors. Once the stress exceeds a threshold, the person will develop this disorder. And the threshold of different individual is also different, which is influenced by genetics or biology.
From the symptoms of false senses and beliefs with schizophrenia, we can tell the temporal and occipital lobes of brain must not function well. And the patient with schizophrenia often cannot think appropriately indicating the damage in frontal lobe.
Both the nature and nurture causes were mentioned in the document film. John 's son also suffered from schizophrenia indicated the nature cause. The outside stressors, such as pregnancy of John 's wife and the stress from his work, made his schizophrenia worse.
John was placed in a mental hospital and treated with shock therapy and insulin. I think these treatments worked for John. Because the treatments reduced John 's symptoms of schizophrenia, he realized that his hallucinations and delusions were not true any longer. When he came back to home, doctor gave him the medicine, Thorazine. This medicine affected his thinking, so John gave it up. But once he stopped this medicine, his hallucinations returned back. That means the

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