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I like numbers more than I like people. People are an unpredictable slew of emotions, while numbers are exact and precise. I have been told in my time that I resemble the mind of someone who has been hurt one too many times. While I do not truly know if someone can be hurt too many times I do know that repetitive pain changes the way you handle situations. Maybe that is why I have been called ‘cold’ so many times. However; that is life and while it does have its unappealing qualities, it also has some amazing ones. Sadly though, they often go hand in hand. During the duration of my seventeen years on this planet I have managed to move a total of twenty-six times. In case you want to know the math on that; that is roughly about one in a …show more content…

To which my father replied, “Yes, but if you hurt her, I hurt you,” and to this day I wish my dad kept his word. However; before it all went downhill, what he and I had was something even writers try to captivate in their books. Though the year we were almost together, we never fought. We went out to arcades on our dates. He brought the best out of me and I did the same for him. Our days were filled with smiles and laughter. Corny jokes and sarcasm. It was perfect. Where I faltered he did not and the something went for him. While we both saw the ugly in each other, we never saw it as something hideous. It was just something more to love. This went on for 314 days… This is where the story turns. One: I drove over to his house to return a tire iron. Two: I had a jar of kisses with a note on top that read “for when you need a kiss and I am not around.”
Three: He opened the door. Four: The first words out of his mouth were, “I’m sorry,”. Five: my world crashed before he even finished his sentence… All I heard was, “I’m sorry… apart… friends…”. Six: My breath shuttered. Seven: I handed him the jar. Eight: I smiled, the first fake smile I have shown since we got together. Nine: I said okay. Ten: I walked away. That is how I remember that event. I do not remember it with actual events. I remember the number of actions that occurred. I went from learning to like people and the way they were through how I loved him.

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