I Liked The Feel Of Nudeness Analysis

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The Secret Truth to Words
“I liked the feel of nudeness” (Kidd 134). Every day people use sentences to describe how they're feeling, to answer questions, including thousands of other reasons. While it may not be apparent, every word and phrase have a meaning. Each and every simple thing said by humans have their own stories, their own backgrounds. While some words people speak are bland and unimportant, their words always express something unique that can be broken into parts to explain the words said as a whole. Therefore, phrases can be broken down from a grouping of words with little to no meaning, to single words with many explanations. First, is a very interesting sentence, one with many meanings to some, and no meaning to others. In the book, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, the main character in the book Lily thinks to herself, “I liked the feel of nudeness” (134). This quote can be explained in so many different ways, but the way I interpret it is unique to myself. To me, this quote is expressing freedom and beauty, and can be connected with ancient Greek art. Nudeness expresses a person’s beauty and freedom. Freedom is the release from the tight chamber of
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When one is open and free to what life brings to their plate, it is truly a beautiful trait. As seen in greek art and in countless of other examples in the world, it is blatant that nudeness is far more than just a bare human body. It is a symbol for what people on earth work to achieve every day, complete freedom. Some contradict saying that with too much freedom comes too much pressure, which can lead to a negative outcome. Yet, what they fail to realize is, when given absolute freedom, one is able to be live their lives based purly upon what they feel is the right thing for them. In the end, this quote can be connected with ancient Greek art, and is giving its view on freedom and
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