I Must Say What A Weekend I Had With The Girl’S Night Out.

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I must say what a weekend I had With the girl’s night out. We all decided to hit the cinema and watch the new romantic comedy starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. By the end of the night we were all comparing it to another romantic comedy called “No Strings Attached” starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman that we had seen on our previous girl’s night out. We all discussed the pros and cons of having a boy toy as opposed to being in a loving committed relationship. What a night of debating that was. Imagine no husband, no fiancé, no boyfriend for many girls who have their "friend with benefits". How many times have we talked about this? Especially in nights of melancholy, at least that was …show more content…

Someone gets hurt, end the "broken heart", are you ready for that? He can fall in love. Maybe your special friend ends up falling in love ... with another woman or with you, and vice versa, and that 's what really happens in these two stories. Although these are fictional romantic comedies these situations happen all the time and temptation is always doing pushups. I know from our previous conversations that you love these types of movies and I enjoyed them both equally. Because of this I cannot recommend over the other so I recommend you watch both. Some people believe the titles insinuate a similar plot and don’t choose to see both, but after seeing them myself, I can tell you that they are not as similar as one might think. Well, first they have two different lead actors and actresses as I stated previously. In “Friends with Benefits”, Mila is a headhunter who meets a prospect that she must pick up at the airport. She must convince him to take this job in New York and she has till midnight to do so or the job offer expires. He accepts the offer and they become friends because they are both emotionally unavailable due to his ambition and fear of getting hurt again and her lack of commitment from her mother and her own desire to live her life as a romantic comedy itself. In “No Strings Attached”, the two meet several times. The first time they met at summer camp when they were young, and again when they

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