Mockingjay Research Paper

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Okay so over the weekend I saw a total of two wonderful movies, one in the theater (Mockingjay pt.2 ), and two at home (6 Years, (500) Days of Summer). All three where so good that I decided to write about them. MOCKINGKJAY PT. 2 I would definitely recommend this for people who like Fantasy/ Science Fiction. This movie was very sad with Primrose dying, also Finnik died, and a lot of little kids die too, war, and more emotional moments. Of course Jennifer Lawrence was a phenomenal actor (as always). Well anyways it was a vey good movie and I did in fact cry. My mom said we might have to even see it a second time. Oh by the way spoiler alert Katniss ends up with Peeta and they have two kids in the end. Here is the trailer, in
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