I Should Be Granted To Enhance Technology In High School

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As a freshman it amazed me as I sat in the position you all are sitting in and looked up at an individual who had the courage stand up here and give a ten minute speech in front of all these people. Since the first speech I saw I hoped that by the time it was my senior year I would be able to have the courage to do the same exact thing. Although as I am up here I really question as to whether I gained the courage or I had to force myself to do this, trying not to picture myself trip up the steps as I got on this stage. Throughout my four years here I planned myself to be on the right path to be able to become a distinguished graduate. I took all the classes required, maintained a decent GPA, and placed myself in almost every AP possible and have been lucky enough to pass their tests along the way. However, not one bit of this was done with ease, but nevertheless here I am.
What I have realized about VISA is that this high school pushes you to your absolute limit. Nothing about this school is easy, not even PE, in which I squeezed by with a B- after actually physically pushing myself up from a D. You find …show more content…

Suddenly, I was being asked to come up with a coherent proposal regarding what devices should be purchased to enhance technology use in school and address it towards the school’s technology committee. How was I- a fourteen year old freshman- supposed to convince an audience of adults that my plan was worth considering? At the time I had little to no confidence in my proposal, seeing it only as an assignment that had to be completed to maintain my A in the class. However, when Ms. Espinoza pulled me aside to tell me that my proposal was one out of fifteen from the entire freshman class to be presented to the technology committee my confidence soared as I saw that my voice along with others was considered

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