My Hope and Dreams

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I have really high expectations for myself and what I am capable of this fall at Mount Olive College. I have very high goals for myself and have revised what I believe to be a well guided plan to achieve them. I feel eager and excited to unleash my mind, thoughts and the power of my determination. I know that it’s going to be a lot of hard work and its going to take a lot of time. Also, with that comes the bittersweet of sacrifice, of parts of my life that I am going to have to change in order to succeed. But my grandfather has always told me “anything worth having is worth working hard for.” I am my biggest critic and supporter all in one. I know that the only person that can stop me from doing what I came to do is me. No one else has the …show more content…

It’s kind of scary thinking I lost twelve whole years of school because I was pretty good in school I was on the B honor roll my entire high school career, the only class I failed was advance PE. I liked learning and I was good at it. But I just started working and taking care of myself and got discouraged and thankful I have a good friend that wouldn’t let me settle. It’s crazy to think just seven years ago I was use to this whole school

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