I Want To Attend IUPUI Honors College

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In the simplest of terms, I would love to attend IUPUI because of all the unique opportunities it offers me. IUPUI is very well known for its diverse and friendly campus that presents all students with a sense of belonging and unity. Attending IUPUI would give me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, and learn more about a multitude of cultures and beliefs. The open-minded and accepting atmosphere at IUPUI is a quality I feel is very valuable and important. Not to mention, the campus itself is located in downtown Indianapolis, so I would be surrounded by diversity and immersed in vibrant culture. Additionally, as Indianapolis is a very developed and populated area, I would be surrounded with countless possibilities for internships and job options, which would allow me to gain…show more content…
As I would be around many driven and highly intelligent students, I feel I will constantly be encouraged to push myself and preform to the best of my ability in all my courses. Being a part of something as incredible as the Honors College would be such a humbling and rewarding opportunity, as it would give me the chance to challenge myself in more academically rigorous and demanding courses. I have learned through the advanced classes I have taken during my high school career to welcome difficult material, as there is nothing more rewarding than putting forth effort in an arduous class and seeing it pay off. I can genuinely say that from these advanced high school courses I have developed a strong work ethic, valuable problem solving skills, and a deeper confidence in my abilities. For these reasons, I feel that being a part of the Honors College would not only be a very fulfilling experience, but also cause me to grow more as a person. I sincerely appreciate this opportunity, and I am thrilled at the chance to possibly become a part of this distinguished
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