I Want To Be A Teacher

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From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. Throughout my years in school, I quietly observed the teachers I had starting in about 5th grade. I listened to their words of wisdom, picked up on their classroom management techniques, and admired their work as they taught us the skills we’d later need in life. While I was in school, I had two teachers who stood out to me the most. They stood out not only in terms of effective teaching, but also as great influences and people in general. They made a point to connect with their students inside and outside of the classroom, and I will always hold both of them dear to my heart.
When most people think of math classes, the memories are less than pleasant. Half of us were so scared of middle school math due to the fact that we were starting to add the alphabet with numbers. We could hardly fathom how much more difficult it would become. Without the help of my 8th grade math teacher, I don’t think I would have been ready to take on high school math. Ms. Alexander had so many unconventional methods for teaching math, but she was very efficient in her teaching. She never came to class without a complete game plan for how she wanted her class to go that day, and how she would adapt her lesson to ensure that everyone would at least understand the concept of what she was teaching. She had no issue with going back over content as many times as she had to in order to help any student understand, but not without doing something

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