My Life Of My High School Life

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During the last four years of my high school life I came across a number of different teachers, all of them together had different styles of teaching and some were more positive than others. Be that as it may, despite the different characters that wanted to mentor me and those who care not too there were three women who gave of them self and did their best to teach a young Black girl a few extra things. Distinguished from their co-workers it showed me just what a great teacher is. The individual will from the start be open-minded, compassion, patience, kindness, and is one that is creative. The individual loves to teach, is truthful and honest about all things. In their own way they have a great sense of humor. Dedication comes easy to these type of teachers, and one will found that they are always eager to provide every student with a smile. In addition a student will found it easy to approach this type of teacher and the student will found themselves easily becoming friends with the teacher. I, myself found it to be great and healthy to be friends with one of my teacher because I could trust the individual. To me this is what makes this person, teacher, so remember able. Always keeping in mind respect is to be given to the individual that is in charge, not just keeping them as friend. There are a lot of teachers who been taught in a way to almost provide fatherly or motherly love, compassion to their pupils. Overall this type of characteristic is what

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