I Want To Become A Teacher

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When I was a young girl, I enjoyed playing doctor with my family. I was the only one that was willing to clean up a wound and “make it feel better.” So, initially, I wanted to be the best doctor the world had ever seen. That dream was slowly crushed when I nearly passed out as the pediatric nurse came at me with what seemed like a yard long sword. Turns out, I am beyond scared of needles. Who knew that a doctor had to have some affiliation with needles? My five year old self no longer wanted to be a part of this field. I was driven back to school and that was when I realized I wanted to be a teacher. My teacher was very caring and she had the privilege of spending time with five year olds and color all day! Best job ever. Except, I did not think about the naughty kids she had to deal with. That job was out of the big picture too. Although I did not find my passion with these two jobs, I realized what they had in common; the desire to help others. My plan is to become a dental hygienist and then from there, hopefully become a well known orthodontist. In order to achieve these goals I am participating in the A+ program at my high school and the honor diploma. With the A+ program, I will be granted two free years of college at Crowder. In those two years I would like to get my general studies out of the way and then transfer to Missouri Southern State University and receive a bachelors in dental hygiene. First, I must complete my last year of high school. As a senior at

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