I Was A School Year

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Have you ever had a school year that continuously altered its unpredictable course as the days went by? My 4th year in elementary school was as rough as an unsoftened wooden edge. Everything was well until one day, I began to experience discomfort. It came like a large whisper from some distant noise. At first, the noise didn’t do anything, but then it penetrated me emotionally. My 4th grade teacher and classmates acted like a menacing fire, daring to rage for long. Unpleasant as it had been, I found a way to get through the entire year. With a mother, an older sister and another teacher to propel you, things became greener than before.

The days at school would begin and end the same. I would leave in the morning, hoping for something better. After school, I would return home, telling my mother and sister about how the day had gone.When mentioning my teacher, whose name was Mrs. L, I would display a large amount of anger. The anger was due to the way Mrs. L spoke to me and everything that was said. My mother decided to assist me with the relationship between Mrs. L and I . The first approach we made did not work. Then, I sought out my sister, who is 8 years older. As she listened to me, her eyes filled with compassion. From this moment, I knew that both my mother and sister would do anything to help me solve anything going inside school. We had special times at night, where we would sit together and talk. She would gently explain to me that Mrs.L was unfair. At that

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