I Was Born And Raised In Pakistan To A Muslim Family So

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I was born and raised in Pakistan to a Muslim family so I practice Islam and a strong believer of my religion. I grew up almost half of life living in Pakistan. Just seven years ago my family migrated to United States to achieve the American dream. Coming to the states and adapting to the new world was definitely challenging for my family and I. Not to mention the cultural shock we went through along with the language barrier. Even though as time has passed and we have adapted to this new culture my father makes sure that his children have close ties to the Pakistani culture and the traditions. Let me first start off with the good elements of my culture which I believe is beneficial to my health. Let me start with what we eat. In my…show more content…
The diet plan we follow is full of fiber, proteins, healthy carbohydrates and full of energy. Also, we use spices like turmeric, cardamom, coriander, ginger powder, cumin to flavor up food. These spices not only add flavor to our food but also act as barrier to illnesses. For example, turmeric is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. My mom has always given us milk with a pinch of turmeric in it because she says it makes bones stronger and heals your body. I had always doubted her but few years ago I did my research and it came out turmeric is really good health. There are many factors and elements in my culture which are bad for our health and we just simply ignore them. For example, even though our food is healthy but they are way too much oily. Whenever my mom cook curry, any vegetable I tell her jokingly oh! look that okra is swimming in oil. And she replies food does not taste good without that much oil. Secondly, In Pakistan, the consumption of sugar is very high. For example, after each meal there is something sweet served such as mithai, which is dipped in sugar syrup. Without a sweet dish our meal is not complete. Also, we would rather drink sherbet, which is a sweetened fruit juice instead of water. Neither, do we have a culture for working out. After coming to America we have adapted the American way for instance, we now use vacuum cleaner to clean our house, a mop to
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