I Was Recently Watching A Video On Facebook Of A Woman

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I was recently watching a video on Facebook of a woman and young Muslim girl arguing about the Muslim ban imposed by President Trump. The young girl went to battle in defense of her beliefs, because a woman who clearly had never read a lick of Islamic teachings argued the brutality of the young girls people. After watching the video it occurred to me that many times when we think of the Islam culture and religion it is automatically equated with a negative image. I couldn’t help but think is this what the cause of this ban is? Is the Muslim ban just poor journalism and not understanding the Islamic culture? As I read through Aslan 's chapters on Sunni and Shia’s, the discussion of jihad, and how geographical location can affect Islamic …show more content…

We see this occurrence in modern news all the time, our media likes to associate the word jihad with terrorists or radicals in the Islamic community without fully understanding the more well known definition of the word.

A word like jihad, unless you are familiar with the Islamic culture, sounds scary and threatening especially when used as its second meaning. The use of the word in media creates a false threat amongst people like Americans. The more common meaning of this word in Islam is something someone struggles with, or something someone must overcome. An article by CNN includes this statement “ISIS doesn’t want to acknowledge the historical context nor the Quranic context to accurately understand jihad. They don’t want to see the overriding compassionate moral Quranic message, they just want to manipulate the text to feed their political violence.”(Awad, Abed,1). Okay. so I can understand why people misconstrue the word to mean something far more devious than it actually is, but why do we promote ISIS’s definition of the word? I went to Fox News, MSNBC, and even CNN and typed in jihad and of course the bag was very mixed. Fox News surfaced with almost every story being about some form of terrorism around the world, MSNBC had a few articles surrounding ISIS, and

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