Ibesity And Alzheimer's Disease

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It is known that isoflavones are beneficial to overall health. Because isoflavones are found naturally in fruits and vegetables, a diet high in fruits and vegetables is important1.
All isoflavones have been shown to help with different aspects of cognition in one form or another1. Specifically, soy isoflavones have been researched to have some encouraging benefits in cognition, but it is still to be researched for the mechanism of action and exact amounts that are needed to be beneficial2.
One cognitive defect affecting elderly patients is Alzheimer's disease. This cognitive disease affects many populations around the world, but mainly aging individuals3. Though the quantity of life is extending with modern medical practices4,
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This would help with monitoring possible data points such as vitals and help to control the participants’ diets. This would present a population with a mixed socioeconomic status, since some individuals will be private pay and others may have coverage from insurance7. The population would include both men and women. Since these patients have cognitive difficulties, it would be best to have the power of attorney or next of kin to help provide informed consent6. A baseline cognition exam should be performed on all patients using the Weschsler Memory Scale8. Inclusion criteria would include standard Alzheimer’s medications, as long as they have been used for two or more months6. This is to control the possibility of a different possible experimental medication being used at the same time as this study. Exclusion criteria would include other cognitive illnesses that impair memory, as well as cancer6. It is best to have patients with only one memory-impairing disease to be sure any positive or negative correlations are limited to the disease of interest. The exclusion would also include participants who have higher than normal levels of lipoprotein lipase6,9. By only utilizing nursing home populations, there is the exclusion of other possible participants, resulting in missing data. These would likely consist of volunteers or candidates recommended by physicians. This would result in a lower sample size and less encompassing data.
The methods and design necessary

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