Idaho, The Home Of The Potato. Lindsay Davis . Ap Human

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Idaho, The Home of the Potato Lindsay Davis AP Human Geography 5th Period Word count: 827 Introduction On 2449 Sundance Road in American Falls, Idaho, there lies a R & G Potato Company farm. As you may know, Idaho is also known as the home of the potato due to its exemplary climate and growing conditions, as well as its nutrient-rich soil and impressive irrigation systems. All of these factors contribute in making the potatoes grown in Idaho far better than those grown in all 49 other states. R & G Potato Company is a widely known agricultural service that produces chipping potatoes in different growing areas in Idaho. Chipping potatoes are potatoes that are usually rounder than your average potato with sugar …show more content…

Since the potatoes R & G provides are supposedly all unnatural, this means that they use any chemicals or pesticides on the potatoes. In substitute of this, the farmers rely on “filter strips, crop rotations and other pest prevention” according to the official R & G potato company website. Crop rotation is a process used to make sure pests do not remain habitual in the soil and the filter strips catch nutrients, deposits and infectious bacteria in the exterior runoff that appears from grassy areas before the polluted runoff gets into any of the surface water. Demographics and Health Not only did R & G choose its location because of its great climate, but also because of the surrounding irrigation management. Over their years of business at R & G Potato Company, the staff members have worked vigorously to improve the irrigation systems. Now, that they are rehabilitated these systems, they now consists of “low pressure drop nozzles, variable rate pumps and water application systems, moisture sensors, and several other upgrades all for efficiency and water conservation” according to their website. Pesticides like insecticides and herbicides that R & G uses for pest prevention can lead to health issues for the people consuming the potatoes. USDA’s Pesticide Data Program released a report showing that there has been at least 35 different pesticides found on

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