Synthesis Of Grubs

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Frankly, one trend in the data that was noticed was that, the more common the pesticide is, the cheaper it is. However, the more chemical related it is, the more expensive, and harmful it is. For instance, Merit 75 WSP was the most expensive, and affected the environment by killing pollinators and causing plants to wilt faster. Another trend that was noticed was that grubs are most common around Summer, and Early Fall along with the fact that people have to apply the pesticides in early spring before the grubs start to feast upon the lawns. In fact, the pesticides have to be applied in early spring because that is when the grubs awaken, and start to feed again. This, then, prevents the beetles from laying more eggs, and kills off the remaining grubs.…show more content…
This compares to the hypothesis due to the fact that both the conclusion and the hypothesis are the same. For example, in the beginning of the research the only effective pesticide that was commonly known was nematodes, plus it was made to specifically attack grubs. Though, in the beginning, the research was based off the hypothesis and some tidbits of information that was obtained from an article known as, How and When to Get Rid of Grubs. Naturally Nematodes! This article was what started the whole research project as it was a major issue for multiple different people. Additionally, the conclusion was based off of reviews, store websites, articles, and actual research unlike the hypothesis. In the end, the research supported both the conclusion and
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