Justice Can Be Described As The Fairness, Equity, Evenhandedness,

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Justice can be described as the fairness, equity, evenhandedness, neutrality, honesty, righteousness, and morality given to the people by the governments, as well as other people. Justice should be given all around the world, but it is not always given. From the past to this day, there has been a lot of justice, and the society along with the governments have come a long way to reach the justice we have today. A person who played a major role in giving us the justice we see today is Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King was a major factor in the laws we see today regarding equality, and he set the stage for what society should be like today. An analysis of, “A Letter for Birmingham Jail,” and, “Segregation Now,” will tell what …show more content…

I believe that segregation does these two things, but I also believe that it does more. Based on what King wrote in his letter, I believe that segregation is morally wrong and that segregation went on and hurt the society back then, and if only there was no segregation, the world would have been so much easier to live in (King). King had a wonderful understanding and relationship between the meanings of just and law. King believed that the two should be used together by the government authorities for the better of the people in the United States. He believed that when a law is created regarding the people, that just and unjust should be put into the factor. He as well as a lot of us would argue for laws to be created morally right for the sake of the country’s society. King believed that for a law to be considered a law, that it should serve justice to the people it is over, and not be morally wrong which is not what the government should have the control to do (King). Some more comes about justice and equality some during the 1970’s. In the 1970’s a judge gave an order to a city to integrate the two high schools in Tuscaloosa. The schooling systems that were segregated before, were finally integrated, and they became one of the

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