Identify One Health Condition

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Identify one health condition and discuss the impact on an individual and or wider society

This essay will focus on the health condition of (HIV) Human immunodeficiency virus and its impact on an individual’s wellbeing.
A number of key dictionary definitions will follow. According to the Oxford Dictionaries (2013) Health is defined as “A person’s medical and physical condition”. HIV is human immunodeficiency virus, a retrovirus which causes Aids. Oxford dictionaries (2013). These definitions refer to the Medical Model of health which focuses on the presence of disease and therefore the physical condition of the individual. According to Dr.David Zigmond (2ndmay 2010) The Medical Model assumes a simple mechanical view of illness and …show more content…

According to the Nhs (2012) in the early stages most people infected with HIV experience a short period of flu like symptoms two to six weeks after infection. stages 2 and 3, if left untreated, it will weaken ability to fight infection so much that you become vulnerable to serious illnesses and may only live for 3 years, this stage of infection is known as AIDS. At this stage the person infected will experience nightsweats, lack of motivation, persistantant tiredness, significant weight loss, diarrhoea, shortness of breath, swollen glands and a fever over 37 degrees that last weeks, it is shown once aids has taken over your body at this stage you have an increased risk of developing and catching life-threatening illnesses. According to aidsmap and the NHS (2012 ) the average life expectancy for people who are HIV positive in the UK is 60. According to the NHS (2012) there is medication to treat HIV, but there is no cure. The medication taken is Antiretroviral drugs (appendix ). According to the BBC news 1st December 2012) it estimated In 2011, there were 2.5 million new infections - down 700,000 from the 2001 figure - and an estimated 1.7 million people died from Aids-related illnesses. That was 600,000 fewer than in 2005. each year treatment costs for someone diagnosed with HIV is £320,000, Or £1.2bn over their lifetimes. Therefore this shows physically people are living longer and

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