Identify the stages of the Nursing Process and the skills essential to the Nursing Process

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The nursing process is a five stage systematic framework, and based on the problem solving approach; it forms the foundation for nursing practice to facilitate focussed, individualised care planning for patients (Yildirim and Ozkahraman 2011). This assignment will serve to identify the five stages of the nursing process: Assessment, Nursing Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. The skills: Communication, Observation, Critical Thinking and Reflection involved within the nursing process in partnership with the patient will also be highlighted. The first stage of the nursing process is assessment. This is a continuous process from hospital admission to discharge. It is about compiling objective and subjective information…show more content…
It is critical that it is used in a multisensory manner for it to be fully effective (Pellico 2009). For example, a sense of hearing and touch may need to be used during observation of a wound healing, whilst simultaneously interacting with the patient. The nurse must then decide, with the help of the patient, what was identified from the healing wound, and use critical thinking to make effective and safe clinical decisions (Kisiel and Perkins 2006). Critical thinking not only involves thinking systematically, and questioning judgements and reasons related to decision making (Farell 2011), but it also requires all the skills identified above, throughout the whole of nursing practice. The Nursing Diagnosis, being the second stage in the process, involves interpretation of data, which may result in other potential problems (Junttila 2010). Clinical judgements and nursing goals are then made based on the data collected from the assessment stage (Huckabay 2009). For instance, a patient may present with obesity, possibly resulting in high blood pressure or depression. A goal of care may be to promote acceptance of body image and weight loss strategies with the most up to date evidence. Unlike medical diagnoses, a nursing diagnosis is holistic were the nurse considers the health of the whole person. In doing so, the nurse will be able to put in place individualised patient care during intervention. This should enhance and form good
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