Identifying A Culture At The Navy

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Identifying a Culture
Growing up with a Master chief father in the Navy meant that every few years our family would pack up and move to yet another new house, new school and subsequently, a new culture. Therefore, leading me to identify with the military culture includes. This includes constant adaptivity to the new lifestyle that one needs to be accustomed to along with exposure to new foods, music, traditions and more.
Often children of parents serving in the military receive the term of being a “military brat”. This is often thought of with a negative connotation as the term “brat” is seen as a child with contempt. Those with limited knowledge of the military culture are frequently misunderstood and believe it is demeaning; however, many in the military culture see it as a term of endearment. Another common misconception can be highlighted from the typical Hollywood “Army Wives” where every episode is filled with drama and scandal. Furthermore, many people have a thought that adultery is common among military spouses. However, as with all families there is drama, yet no more prevalent in the military culture than others believe.
While I have lived in six different homes, both my father and mother have been to an innumerable amount of cities around the world which all have some influence in my daily life. From the Philippines to Hawaii and everywhere in between, the foods that I grew up eating and the diet I have been accustomed to are
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