Identities And Stereotypes Of The Arab Women

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Identities and stereotypes are followed by the person/s depending on ready-made ideas. These ideas are related to the previously known as their; customs, traditions ,cultures, religious and heritage .Until this moment stereotype is inconsequential because it’s not completely accurate since it’s based on the status quo not backed up by facts . We are all humans; there is no difference between blacks, whites, Arabs, or foreigners. It’s true that humans standout from each other, morality, the acquired culture, but that does not mean to classify others as stereotypes. One stereotype concerns Arabs and Muslims, people should recognize that not all Muslims are Arabs and not all Arabs are Muslims, not all Muslims are terrorists, and last not all of the Arab women are “housewife”.
Most people think or classify that Arabs are Muslims, which is totally erroneous. Not all Arabs are Muslims, for example, there are plenty of Iraqis, Syrians and Lebanese who are Christians. Moreover, Muslims are all over the world not only in a specific region where most think that they are from the Middle East only. According to the pew research center Indonesia, is the largest Muslim population which contains 13.1 percent of the world’s Muslim population, followed by Pakistan 11.0%, Indian 10.5%, Bangladesh 8.4 % and all of the Arab countries are consisted of only about 20% of the worlds Muslims population. Based on these statistics and facts, not all Arabs are Muslims because these countries don’t

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