Identity And Image And Identity

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How one perceives the world around them is based on identity and images. Merriam Webster Online (2015) defines identity as “who someone is.” Image can be defined in two ways: “a mental picture, the thought of how something looks or might look” and “the idea that people have about someone or something” (Merriam Webster Online, 2015). Identity and image are so strongly intertwined that they both have influence over one another. Images can change how an individual perceives the identity of another person by allowing the individual to interpret and judge the image from their own selfish perspective. The identity of a person shapes how an image is created for them (Rezaei-Adaryani et al. 2012). These two concepts apply to any person and anything in this world. The nursing profession is just one possible option that has both a strong image and identity created for it. The nursing image is a concept with several different dimensions that includes four topics: how the public views nursing, the nurse’s self-image (professional identity), how the nurse perceives the public’s views, and how the media characterizes or shows nursing (Rezaei-Adaryani et al. 2012). These four topics are very closely interrelated. How the media presents nursing affects the public’s image of nursing. This in turn affects how the nurse interprets how the public views them, which leads to the nurse’s personal self-image being changed or distorted. These four topics create a continuous cycle. If one topic
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