Identity, Identity And Identity Construction

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When it comes to understand the nature of identity, place is inseparable aspect from identity construction. Similarly, human mobility is another integral aspect taking into account to the study of identity in the age of globalisation. As society increasingly changes more fast and complex than ever before, the relationship between mobility and identity seems to have been more accentuated than the bond of place and identity.
Thus, in this essay, I will seek how identity is intertwined with place and mobility in the purpose of finding a certain position between them. First, I will find how the bond of place and identity influences on the construction of identity through some of narrative discourses. Secondly, I will examine some of case studies on migrants’ experiences as the examples of identities which are challenging ‘place-based’ identities in the context of human mobility. Then finally, after taking every discussions which I have examined on this essay into consideration, I will reach a conclusion toward the issue.
1. Place-based identities in narrative discourses
For the last centuries, place has long been a major topic on the study of identity construction in that it is integrally connected with a sense of belonging or home which is created in the birthplace of human’s life. Although it might be supposed that an increase of changes of place or residence has loosen the links with place, the importance of the correlation between place and identity yet cannot be
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