Ideologies Are Developed Through The Evolution Of Liberalism

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Ideologies are developed through the evolution of liberalism in history by implementing and experimenting with differing levels of government involvement. The source is a statement that encourages self-interest and opposes government interference in society. The viewpoint in the source reflects a capitalist view, similar to and possibly inspired by Adam Smith 's theories. People who would support or agree with such a view are typically more conservative and wish to respect and follow traditional values. Liberal democratic societies often have differing degrees of government intervention that are determined by its citizens. The source implies that a self-run society can be efficient and that, eventually, government will not be needed. The idea in the source is to rid liberal societies of a governing figure, as they could limit the possibility of economic expansion. The source would be well received by those who favour conservatism or capitalism, as their views are similar to those of Hayek, Friedman or Thatcher. Those who support such an ideology would argue that free market enterprise is beneficial for a growing economy, increasing profit, and promotes individuality. However, caution and discretion must be used before applying an ideology similar to that in the source, as excessive use of laissez faire economics can lead to catastrophic events such as Hitler 's dictatorial reign or a recession such as the Great Depression. However, to embrace the other side of the

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