If Extraterrestrial Life Invaded Earth And Commenced The

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If extraterrestrial life invaded Earth and commenced the extermination of civilized mankind would you believe that the alien life forms were genuinely good at heart? Strangely enough, the play The Diary of Anne Frank ends with the statement, "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." These words were discovered in an entry in her diary dated July nineteen forty-four, several months before she perished in a concentration camp. Comprehending the circumstances in Germany during this period of time, I believe this statement conveys that Anne Frank was a hopeful, positive, and forgiving individual. During the nineteen twenties up until the late forties, Adolf Hitler had been granted a full…show more content…
On page three hundred and fifty, she states, "It 'll pass, maybe not for hundreds of years, but someday I still believe." This quote displays that Anne is hoping that the Holocaust will disappear and that it is not permanent. Another piece of evidence that proves she is hopeful when she states on page three hundred fifty during the same conversation with Peter, "someday when we 're outside again." In this quote, she shows that she hopes for them to no longer need to hide but instead be outside again. Lastly, in an earlier part of the play, on page three hundred thirty-four she states, "I am longing for everything." This quote illustrates that Anne is hopeful that she will come out of hiding and perform all the activities she performed before the unfortunate events. Perhaps when she illustrates that she still believes that people are genuinely good at heart, she is hoping that the Nazis are not as cruel as they seem. Secondly, I believe that her unusual quote demonstrates her positivity and optimism. During a conversation with Peter on page three-hundred fifty, she says, "Listen to us, going at each other like a couple of stupid grown up." This quote demonstrates Anne 's positivity by showing that she doesn 't want to argue or have a conflict with Peter because she doesn 't want to be negative. Furthermore, earlier in the same conversation on page three hundred fifty she states, "I think the world may be going through a phase." This quote

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